Sexy Night Nurses Set Guys’ Groins Ablaze

These ones engaged in some gal to gal action..


Doctors and Nurses night. Gates on Friday opened as early as 8.00m. Revelers trickled in in small numbers but by 11.00pm, there was barely breathing space –the house was crowded and on fire.


The gals were dressed in sizzling nurse outfits as they tended to patients… or rather treated horny fellas to mind blowing sights – of flesh! There is not much to this night except an excuse to drink and role play. Party went on till the wee hours of Saturday morning!!!


Several lewd SMS messages sent by the public to Kenya’s popular Classic FM radio channel during its popular interactive sessions have been dumped on the internet, exposing private mobile numbers in a move that could stir family discords and expose the station to potential lawsuits.

Sources said the channel, part of the fast-growing Radio Africa Limited, has launched an investigation to ascertain who was responsible for the malpractice that would, by default or design, push the channel to new heights or new lows. In addition, it might force some advertisers to withdraw refuse from having their products at the station, experts added, cautiously.
Only the company’s IT experts, programmers and some journalists have an access to the exchange system, said one employee. “Whoever did that has clearly wasted us,” said one source. But other sources pointed fingers at Radio Africa itself, explaining that it would have sacrificed its audience’s privacy to boost its market ratings, a practice that is common in broadcast media.

A few years ago, Classic FM’s sister channel, KISS FM, staged one of the most creative stunts, duping the media that its star presenter, currently the marketing manager, Carol Mutoko had been kidnapped. International news agencies like Reuters wrote the story only to realize that it was a victim of a plot to market the then infant in the Kenyan radio scene.

Legal experts said that the move could expose Classic FM to potential private-related lawsuits. They added that the scandal, the worst-ever betrayal of the naive public, gives fresh strain to the Communication Commission of Kenya, to extend its tentacles into the working of the media, notably the inspecting the reliability of the technology used to handle public information.

Members of the public bristled with anger, pointing a finger at the media. “We do not need the media to talk about sex lives of members of the public. Now, Classic has gone to far with this. They must be stopped now or we will slide to a level not imagined,” groaned a man.

The scandal comes as the media world is reeling from revelations that journalists who worked for media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News of The World in the United Kingdom hacked voicemails of many celebrities and members of the royal family as well a school girl who was murdered. This compelled him to close the 168-year-old newspaper.
Jackal News would like to warn the public that next time you send an SMS to a radio station during its interactive session, know that your number is logged in and the message itself is exposed to a selected few in the station.

Topic someday was; partying without panties.
Why do ladies go nuts whenever they see celebs?

Classic fm. Maina its not our fault u guys drive us craizie na if u mix wid manyege wat cant we do? Luv u guys

Fally Ipupa ni msupuu. I didn’t remove my pant but had an orgasm by imagining him in me…………. I didn’t misbehave that much.

Mornng maina & mwalimu, i was @ mike murimi mugithi wth bibi wa bro wangu. nilimwona akijitia kidole halafu akalamba na akaonyesha murimi! All the ladies were doing it. Karibu nikufe na heart atak.

Maina! Wanawake wana wazimu, mwingine alirushia husband yangu panti yake kwa uso tukiwa lunch wimpy! Na huzzo akaiweka kwa mfuko. Nilifeel mbaya.

Maina, I hiked a lady neighbor-senior admin UNEP. Frm the blues she told me “am in red thongs”, unziped n asked me if i could run my fingers

A few from the archives……

Hi maina.i couldnt contribute on y’days topic coz i was wth my hubby who soils & urinates on hmself mpaka ndani ya viatu akilewa.pls ask such men wat goes on in thea minds b4 & afta such deeds.wats thea xcuse?do they gve a damn abt th family feelings?pls i need 2kno.Dont call me now.he is asleep. Ameingia kwa keja 5am. LENA

maina, mine is terrible-he has nothin, haja soma-yani my peroz and family dont penda him-I wish I “road tested” him first coz after kumuoa, I found out ako na kitu kama ya mtoi. am sexually starved-pals tell me to get shag buddy, dildo, av thought of goin gay yani the options are still comin-i am absolutely single and willing to mingle though married-love you guys

Hi, maina cal me if u find time. I walked into my house only to find my husband having sex with his younger sister. Akaniuliza ‘havent you heard of privacey’. I’m confused. Gday

Maina,my boyfrnd who is maried wants 2 funguwa my boot na hajawahi funguwa ya bibi yake.pls help mi cz istl lov him.mary 4rm kisii.

Mina its just naturall a woman can make love with more than 3 men in one day so long as u know how to take a shower well no man will ever know. Me I must get it from our tea boy at work juu ni msupuu, a mechanic who operates in the plot next to jobo and a neighbors son when he’s on holiday. Na bado mzee wangu kant notice.

Hi maina, am screwed daily b4 i get home, i get 2 the house take a bath and if my man wants i’ll give it 2 him ave aborted 2wice nd he’s nvr known. From Milli

Classic H! MaUna n mwalim am munaa frm mbs n am in luv with my father in law n am 26 yrs his 57yrs n i luv him more than my hasband. We’ve been sleeping with him tangu my first yr in marriage. Ako na kitu kubwa!

Classic 105, Hi maina, mine was worse coz my mum’s boyfriend alifanya juu chini tulale pamoja, and he succeeded kumbe he turned out to be HIV positive. Nimeregret sana.

050003E70301Hi Maina,i was married, I cookd 4him variety of food,respectd him,na palepale,i was da driver.He askd m 4 a3rd party,n brought her as he wishes.He statd beating m up,akaninyima my right place of sex coz he wntd ma Ass !Men cnt b satisfied wit 1woman

0500034A0201Ma husband’s libido is veri low.Marrd 3yrs now and have neva seen his goods only by accdent. Now its 3mnths snc we had sex. We have bcam a Bro an a sis. Am suffering sexualy wat do i do.But am hapi in al other areas

Maina todays discussion has to be longer,we are miserable women..we end up having affairs with relatives…help us. Like now am sleeping with my first cousin…wambui

Hi Maina. Been in a rut too .Married 4 the last 24 yrs to this ng’ombe. Love was alive for only the first year then we became hse mates. It’s too bad mpaka he can’t rise to the occasion for me. And he’s also tiny. So imagine a small thing that can’t wake up. Pathetic!

0500032B0202 this lady has being using my husbands 4ne when they r 2gether in bed telng mi 2listen hw sweet my husband is en then she screams. God wht im i sapposed 2do.

Nothing wrong with a woman who can control her drinking like me. My hubby is a drunk who cant control his drinking. Alikuja sato morning high akakojoa ndani ya wardrobe badala ya choo yet he keeps saying am the drunk! Karo

Dnt be stupid Maina…I have a woman who drinks n she is generally n extremely dirty, first her genitals! Beer aint good 4 women… am tired of being woken up at 3am four times a week kumfungulia. Last week I refused to open and found her in the watchman’s kibanda in the morning on my way to work. I’ve kept wondering if she gave him.

Maina morning am a drinker n trust me i hv never ceased to be a gud mother to my 3 kids n wife to ma hubbi. The fact that naweza maliza 2 bottles of viceroy in one night doesn’t make me a bad mother! Jana nilikunywa 3 quarters juu kulikuwa Sunday.

So maina what if she drinks and doesnt come home and doesnt want to be asked where she is? Mine went out on Friday jioni and akarudi jana morning. Nikamuuliza ikakuwa vita. We have 3 yr old twins. Naogopa ukali wake.

Hi Maina,salimia King’ang’i. Maina,wachana na hao wanasema ati bibi asilewe. My wife drinks,I don’t. Na mimi humpeleka kwa bar namwacha huko akitosheka ananipigia ama analetwa na rafikfi zake. Only one day I was worried. Alinipigia akiwa florida 5am and her friends walikuwa wamemwacha. Apart from that day, I see no issues with her enjoy a drink.

Hi Maina, am irene 24 yrs. I was involved with a catholic priest . He took me from my rural home and rented a hse 4 me . akaleta brother yake akanilazimisha nilale nayeye. Sikujua alikuwa anapenda porno pia. When I refused kuwatch nayeye akanifukuza. Plz help me kol him juu hachukui simu zangu. His fone no. 0721 895762 or 0735854143(Fr.Joseph

Maina, his weight bothers me coz it affects palepale imagine ana choka haraka sana and he drips streams of sweat!na style zingine hawezi! Every time we do it, am worried atakufa juu yangu na vile ni mzito! mariam

Av bn married 4one yr.Hez gaining weight n maina u knw the kitambi bng a pivot on me that puts me off! Namuona akiwa naked sometimes nakimbia kwa choo nitapike! n the longest he cn go is 4mins!he rols over n snores.nkt! I normally just sit and stare at his kathing vile kamekunjika naskia huzuni.

Yes! I hate my husband of 23 years he eats like a big pig! Kitambi kama ya ngombe! Yeye huleta food kutoka fridge ili akule kwa bedroom usiku. Na bonoko ni kama yesu. Bado nangoja irudi.

Morning Maina? Can you imagine comìng home 5pm and ur wife in nities with a stocking on, matiti hunging kama socks, the hse is dirty and the bed is not even made. Why not stay away get drunk and come at 3am and find this monster asleep. Ubaya nakuja nimelewa and see her thing juu amelala fuaa and she doesn’t shave. She makes me sick!

Hey Maina and Kingangi,i use to treat my huby like a king,gave him all the fredom and happiness in the world but u know how he repayed,he left me and now he’s living with an old woman whom you Maina know.He left me with a kid of 11/2yrs.

Maina, my man is always at home early. What is the formula for sending him away? Every time I pass him, he wants sex. It’s too much! Take him with you to your bar. I’ll even pay you.

And on today’s topic on doing it with in-laws, here are some texts….

Me i do it every 9te 4 de last 3month wid my bro-in-law iam 18 i dont like it coz ihv ma boyfriend in coast n ihv never sexed wid him I dont know wat 2do ATÂ

Maina my real mother has been molesting me. Niliamka nikamukuta akininyonya. Who can I report to? Steve


Hey Maina pliz help me cos i found out that am datng my half bro. na ninaexpect! help. Brenda
And a karandom one…

My wife is so dull, every time I try some positions all I get is “Baba nani, usiniharibu huko nyuma!” na dada yake ananicheki


The Day Bad Black Stormed

It was boobs-day-out for these babes


The combo of boobs and thighs on this chic is heady..


Welcome back Black my darling! Mwaaahh!


When it comes to Saturday, the dresses hang at halfmast!


This is what happens whenbooze meets good gals


Sheeba has no problem of showing off thighs and her date

When the Scan is free of Charge

There are a number of times when the camera gets just a little more than what the eye lense aimed at. In such scenarios, the out come is left to the mercy of the reader the next day to pass judgment.

In such circumstances it’s crucial that we revise our sitting arrangement lest we splash it all. These yummy angels just gave us a torch to guide us into this whole subject.

Did you guys say my knicker was showing!



Honey…I just called to tell you how I forgot my G-string at your place.

Just a little bit of this will work with a glass of wine.

Ok guys; This is the stage where you come in.

We are just into white jeans and of course knickers.

Halloween craze

Gone are days when Halloween was considered a Western issue. The fact that Ugandans love to identify them selves with modernization, this time round Halloween was taken to another level at Cayenne last Thursday night. By 7pm, the venue was flooded with gals from different walks of life.

You could easily notice how much effort each put to pull off the night with scary masks of Dracula. In the name of looking for money, there strategically stationed face painters that could give you a scary face lift in only five minutes.

Like prom night, revellers had to vote for the best dressed for the night who won a token of 500 hundred thousand shillings. The night ended on a high note with lots dancing and drinking till the next morning.











He reminds us of rip van winkle the killer.


These dudes decided to play dead all night long.

The fact that her face was hidden just spiced up things accompanied with her gorgeous body.

Her black lipstick clearly brought out the night’s definition.



he looked hot with the red horn head gears.

Casanova It’s a planet of women Richie lives in






Can you see under all that hair

We’ve seen her in a dress made of meat, another with Kermit the frog toys attached and a bodysuit with a built-in pregnant belly.

Just when you thought Lady Gaga must have run out of ideas shocking costumes, the global superstar has done it again.


The trio were attending the HTC and Beats Audio party which, of the Black Eyed Peas , headlined.

Easy does it: The global superstar is seen leaving her hotel before heading to the party

Gaga showed off a lot of leg as she paired the wig dress with fishnet stockings and a pair of towering heels.

And despite emerging at night, she kept dark shades on as she left her hotel and greeted waiting fans.

She added a pair of black leather gloves to complete the bizarre look.



Man u Goal Keeper Caught stealing doughnut

David de Gea might earn £35,000 a week but that didn’t stop the Manchester United keeper allegedly stealing a £1.19 doughnut from Tesco.

The Spaniard waltzed into the store in Atrincham, Greater Manchester with two friends before wolfing down the tasty treat, it is being claimed.

De Gea apparently tried to make a speedy exit but was spotted on CCTV and quizzed by security staff – one of whom spoke Spanish.


They left the star in no doubt that he had made a howler but stopped short of taking any further action or calling the police.

‘The security guards who monitor the CCTV watched two of them take a doughnut each out of the Krispy Kreme cabinet,’ a source claimed in The Sun.

‘They weren’t very subtle. They swaggered in chatting loudly in Spanish.

‘Incredibly, they then appeared to try to leave without paying — or buying anything else for that matter.’

The source said that when challenged and ushered into the search room, de Gea did not seem to know what was going on and ‘looked pretty embarrassed’.

A Tesco spokesman said: ‘A customer was spoken to by our security team and the issue was resolved.’


The store has a strict policy of a three-month store ban for alleged shoplifters.

At training on Friday, De Gea was reportedly ribbed by his United team-mates who offered to buy the hard-up keeper another round of doughnuts.

The young goalkeeper is regarded as one of the best in the world and commanded a fee of £17.8 million when United signed him from Athletico Madrid.

But his Old Trafford career got off to a shaky start before he began to find his feet between the posts.


His boss Sir Alex Ferguson is fully behind his No 1 keeper.

He said of de Gea earlier this month: ‘He’s 20 years of age and doesn’t know the culture of the country.

‘That’s a lot to deal with but he has shown great composure about the whole thing.

‘He’s not got himself flapping about the goalmouth. I think he’s absolutely outstanding. The boy is tremendous.’

Sexy nurses in erotic uniform

Sexy nurses in sizzling provocative uniform were all over the place ‘tending’ to guys with ‘horn’ problems. You know that song Night Nurse where he sings; “ Night Nurse, only you alone can quench this here thirst…” Instead the guys were left panting … hoping for their thirst to be quenched by just looking at the gals’ erotic attire. By 11pm, it was a full house as revelers played out their different roles. From then on, it was party till dawn.

Boobs day out was the fashion theme for the nurses


Forget those hospitals where nurses never smile….


Her juicy boobs are so full they make you want to feed from them..


‘I want to be your night nurse and tend to you in a very special way


Nurses on duty, ready with their shots of Tequila