Dear Mushene

I’ve been with my Wifes for 12 yrs and it’s been rocky but here recently it has been hell. First, she kicked me and my four kids out of the house. Second, she called the police on me, talking about I broke in and I have a damn
key. Now they are looking for me because she told everyone I took the rent money and left with another woman. I don’t know what to do. I’m just so depressed right now that I had to have a drink at 8 am just to cope.

Signed confused

Dear Confused,
Honestly, the first thing that I would do is slap her with a child support case because she has to support his children. Secondly, you need to calm down and think clearly. This has happened and now you have to cope for the sake of your children. If you are saying that the police are looking for you, I would go and talk to them myself and make it clear that you did not take it and that she evicted you and your kids. Quite frankly, since you are married, I am not even sure that she can press charges against you for theft because rent money or not, it is marital property at this point and, for that matter, so is the house. No state’s attorney is going to prosecute you for that. He could not even win that money back in small claims court, rather less have you tried and convicted for it.



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