Losing him

Dear Mushene,

What I am about to tell you may seem unbelievable but a letter that I read inspired me to ask for your help. I’m 23 years old and six years ago, I was sold into the sex trade. After an abusive childhood, I ended up as a sex slave. I was held captive for a few months and was beaten, starved, and raped countless times by so many people that I cannot even count. I escaped and never pursue…d prosecution. I am not married and in college. I have overcome a lot but I still am afraid of the world, I cannot go places with a lot people without having anxiety attacks. I still have problems with sleeping with my husband. I look at him during sex and sometimes see the faces of those who raped me. I have been to therapy and I have tried everything.

Afraid of Losing Him

Dear Afraid of Losing Him,

What you have endured is nothing short of horrific. Even though you have been to therapy, you need to seek it out again as well as some support groups in your area for people who have gone through something similar in nature. If your husband is not aware of what happened, or does not know that you are still being effected by it, you need to come clean with him. You should also write it all down in a journal. You would be amazed at how much of a cleansing experience journaling can be. Please join my group You’ll Never Stand Alone as well. The females in there are very understanding and have endured much. It is a blessing that you have a loving husband and that you are in college. You say that you have tried everything but have you tried prayer and meditation? Spend 15 minutes a day on just you and take it to God. Please let me know how you are and continue to check in with me.


2 Responses to Losing him

  1. Anthony says:

    this is fiction of a confused person…she/he dosen’t know if ameolewa or still in colle but still single….try harder.

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