hello pals, am in a relationship wit a guy for 5yrs,he’s lovin n carin……but d problem is dat since i left Nigeria,he hardly call me,n if i call him,sometimes he will not pick up my calls talkless of replying my messages (@ times he will pick up d call n give me excuses dat he has been busy @ d office, he’s tired n d nxt thg he will do is 2 switch off his phone)but he will later say he has a low battery,dis happens several times………i fell in love wit anoda guy over here, i got pregnant 4 him,which i aborted….now my guy in nigeria has started callin me,shd i tell him i had abortion 4 anoda guy?…………bcos i get to realised dat i luv him more dan d guy i had abortion for…….. i hv gone 4 medical check up n tests to knw my status, which am ok…..i need ur advice,no insult pls.

One Response to Confessions

  1. George says:

    If i were yew i would ditch tha guy hu olwaeiz gve excuse…jus gve tha guy u arboted hs kid a chance at least yew dnt knw if ua “nigerian” guy iz maried or has anatha galfrnd! B wise

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