On Sunday, a young lady went to see her parents to make a confession. She was in serious shit, she was in debt up to her eyeballs and Shylocks were on her case EVERY single day about their money.

At such a young age, why was she in debt (Millions we hear?)? Well she wasn’t running a business. She was not living large (her parents were paying for her apartment). She was financing a man’s life.

Yes, at her age, while her agemates were busy trying to get free ‘panty removers’ from dudes in Westlands, this young lass was financing a man’s life and not JUST any man, a man who has been working for well over 10 years, a man who at one point was the ‘Biggest name’ in Kenya. A man whose lifestyle was the talk of town, the flashy cars, the amazing suits, some women FELL for him just by his expensive scents.

That man is Louis Otieno. Louis met the girl when she was living with her parents in the same apartment blocks he used to live in. Her parents eventually moved her to other apartments to try and kill a clearly blossoming relationship.


The deceased, Careen Chepchumba, 26, even left a hand-written note addressed to Kilimani Police Commander.

It read: “A note to OCPD Kilimani reporting a complaint against LO for extortion.”

This dude somehow convinced the mama to start borrowing money for him since he was now broke & jobless and everything he was trying out was falling flat on its face.

He lives large, a RR Sport, Supercharged, on the best for an Omera! WATISMANI?! But he wasn’t paying for that shit, someone else was hustling for loans for him and now she’s dead.

She was found dead in her apartment; sources close to the family say it looks like suicide. She couldn’t deal with it anymore; she got into serious debt for a man who clearly didn’t care for her. Louis is hiding somewhere; no one knows where he is. That little leech should be jailed for this fuckery, for being a catalyst to this whole mess!! You’re fucking 40 and you’re living off someone who is barely out of their 20’s … how twisted!?!

Also girls in Nai need to stop being attracted to the ‘Glitter’ you see a man in a nice car, you fall for him. No background checks, nothing! You end up being their slave, because you’re blinded by the lifestyle.


  1. I am sorry for this, may her soul rest in eternal peace.

  2. Nickie okomba says:

    If n only if this is true, Louis u r a disgrace 2 the male species. I am disgusted by the mere fact that a well respected figure lyk u could stoop so low. Grow up n act ua age.

  3. Isdorah oriwo says:

    Would lyke to get more mushene,how can that happen?

  4. george says:

    That does not answer who killed the girl and now that you have introduced the shylock Angle could they be the culprits. could she have been forced to write the note implicating some one before she got killed. why did she not just report directly to the police? All the same i agree with you, Girls You need to be more reponsible money does not buy love.

    • zawadi says:

      anything might have happened.. about louis, they should really really investigate before judging

  5. stephen mutuku says:

    I feel pity for her.but it should be a lesson to others.

  6. white boy says:

    Louis oti’fucking’wot…shame on you golddigger!nktir!!

  7. Michelle tanya says:

    Stupid loius otieno…

  8. Raycusher says:

    no words.

  9. Alex says:

    This fucking golddigger should be held accountable.

  10. njega says:

    Being a news anchor probably pays over half an M a month? i think the story is abit overated n probably false, legal action myt b taken..bt RIP to the lady anyway.

  11. Athiyo says:

    Such a sad story and an undesrving end, However, hope this dude is located and charged… RIP Careen

  12. alice says:

    woi i dont think if dat ‘saga’ is true coz is abit confusing.

  13. careen says:

    dont think careen ghost will rest till her death is av enged…..for that am certain

  14. sharon says:

    The boy/man/old friend new careen had commited a crime therefore HE was blackmailling/ extorting her money…enaf!

  15. KENYANBOY says:


  16. raura otucho says:

    if i were Otieno and they are willing – i would have them borrow from imf or even world bank.

  17. This is unbelievable about the saga and personaly i know Loise Otieno. This story might be true because he has such characters of henging out with loaded mamas, afterwars he disappers leaving you hanging……. Ladies whach out for such men…….. they are dangerous and can mess you life…

  18. Bryaniz says:

    Shame on u otieno after all de respect pple hav given u dis is what u can dare giv back 2 de society.

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