Former minister Njenga Karume dies at 82


Former Cabinet Minister Njenga Karume died on Friday at Nairobi’s Karen hospital after a battle with cancer.

The minister’s battle with cancer saw him seeking medical attention locally and in India, but family sources said his condition deteriorated forcing them to rush him to Karen Hospital.

The body was later moved to the Lee Funeral Home.

He had served in President Kibaki’s Cabinet and had stints in the defence and special programmes dockets.

President Kibaki sent a message of condolence to the family, relatives and friends and said he had “learnt with a deep sense of loss the death of his dear friend”.

“We thank God for the great moment we shared with a fine gentleman and political ally that Karume was to me and my family, and political associates and followers,” President Kibaki said.

The President described the late Karume as an astute businessman and a quintessential Kenyan who rose from humble beginnings to build a business and political empire through sheer hard work and determination.

He recalled that two weeks ago he visited Mr Karume at his home in Kiambu County and despite his failing health he exhibited great courage and passion for what he believed in.

Mr Karume’s death comes just days after Environment minister John Michuki died of a heart attack.

Mr Michuki was taken ill on Sunday morning two days after returning from a London Hospital, where he had been undergoing treatment since December.


On Sunday, a young lady went to see her parents to make a confession. She was in serious shit, she was in debt up to her eyeballs and Shylocks were on her case EVERY single day about their money.

At such a young age, why was she in debt (Millions we hear?)? Well she wasn’t running a business. She was not living large (her parents were paying for her apartment). She was financing a man’s life.

Yes, at her age, while her agemates were busy trying to get free ‘panty removers’ from dudes in Westlands, this young lass was financing a man’s life and not JUST any man, a man who has been working for well over 10 years, a man who at one point was the ‘Biggest name’ in Kenya. A man whose lifestyle was the talk of town, the flashy cars, the amazing suits, some women FELL for him just by his expensive scents.

That man is Louis Otieno. Louis met the girl when she was living with her parents in the same apartment blocks he used to live in. Her parents eventually moved her to other apartments to try and kill a clearly blossoming relationship.


The deceased, Careen Chepchumba, 26, even left a hand-written note addressed to Kilimani Police Commander.

It read: “A note to OCPD Kilimani reporting a complaint against LO for extortion.”

This dude somehow convinced the mama to start borrowing money for him since he was now broke & jobless and everything he was trying out was falling flat on its face.

He lives large, a RR Sport, Supercharged, on the best for an Omera! WATISMANI?! But he wasn’t paying for that shit, someone else was hustling for loans for him and now she’s dead.

She was found dead in her apartment; sources close to the family say it looks like suicide. She couldn’t deal with it anymore; she got into serious debt for a man who clearly didn’t care for her. Louis is hiding somewhere; no one knows where he is. That little leech should be jailed for this fuckery, for being a catalyst to this whole mess!! You’re fucking 40 and you’re living off someone who is barely out of their 20’s … how twisted!?!

Also girls in Nai need to stop being attracted to the ‘Glitter’ you see a man in a nice car, you fall for him. No background checks, nothing! You end up being their slave, because you’re blinded by the lifestyle.

On Nyeri County


soon we shall see this in Nyeri County… Then………..




Touches That Arouse Him


There are very many ways to a man’s heart and to your happiness. Among them are the different types of touch that would blow guys’ balls before the hump session begins. Here are a few touches that will just do that.

The Rub
This is a smooth touch where you use your fingers to gently explore your man’s body. It is good for his gologo, his ears and yes, those tiny breasts of his would really love this kind of touch.

The Scratch
This is a kind of touch where he should only fell your nails. It is good when you have slightly long fingers. Long nails might hurt him and the short nails will not deliver your intention.
You can choose a spot like his back and then softly, solely scratch him to excitement. It is also good for his neck, his back and well, his gologo. The advantage with this touch is that it ignites the spark in him.

The pinch
Don’t pinch him like you have a grudge but in a way that wakes the horniness in him. The trick is doing it when he least expects it. For example, his ears are a wonderland.

The massage
This is the greatest way to start and end a sex session. You can massage his gologo to wake it up and roam all over his body until you have him stiff. And after that steamy romp, you can re-massage him and grab a second round.

The tease
This does not involve him but it is aimed at turning him on. Face him directly, and slowly but surely start touching yourself while giving him the impression that you are enjoying every single bit of it. Touch your belly, press your boobs and do not allow him to touch you, just let him watch and see how long he can stand. After all, it is a tease.

The stroke
This is when you use your hands to gently give your partner that refreshing feel sending electric shocks in him. Use your hands gently and rub him wherever you choose to. You can do it very fast or very slowly but the deeper and gentler, the better.