Man Loses Whopper For Bonking Married Woman


A sexpest’s lust has been permanently tamed after his whopper was chopped by a man who nabbed him bonking his wife.

Reliable sources identified the victim as Joseph Edongot, a 34-year-old father of three and resident of Kajamaka village, Kapolin parish in Ongino Sub County, Kumi District; while his ruthless tormentor is John Robert Emuron, a resident of Akuoro village, Kapasak Parish in Ongino Sub County, and husband to the cheating woman, who was only identified as Grace.

While speaking from sick bed at Kumi Hospital, where he is undergoing intensive treatment, Edongot narrated his unfortunate ordeal as thus:

“My woes began in October last year, when I went to Ongino Market to buy fish and saw Grace selling ‘Ajono’ (local brew) next to the fish stall. I instantly fell for her because she looked so beautiful, so I went over to her and expressed my interest in her. Luckily, she accepted my advances and even told me her Kandahar territory was vacant because there was no whopper docking at it. Since then I have been visiting her, only that I hadn’t got the chance to bonk her because of her busy schedule. This chance however presented itself last Friday, when she invited me to her home that evening for a special yoyo treat.”

Edongot adds that that evening he retired with Grace at about 7:30pm, and carried her to her home on his bicycle.

He says they went into bed and started bonking at 8:30pm.

He however says that after the first round, he was shocked beyond belief, when Emuron flung the door open and charged at him as though he was a wounded Rhino.

He says that Grace fled the house, leaving him to be nabbed by Emuron, who together with two unidentified friends of his tied Edongot’s hands and legs.

Emuron is then said to have reached for a knife, which he used to sever the cheat’s whopper.

Edongot said that his tormentors immediately fled, and he was only saved by Peter Omeri, the councillor, as well as LC2 chairperson of Kapasak parish, who took him to police, before later forwarding him to hospital.

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