Man Loses Whopper For Bonking Married Woman


A sexpest’s lust has been permanently tamed after his whopper was chopped by a man who nabbed him bonking his wife.

Reliable sources identified the victim as Joseph Edongot, a 34-year-old father of three and resident of Kajamaka village, Kapolin parish in Ongino Sub County, Kumi District; while his ruthless tormentor is John Robert Emuron, a resident of Akuoro village, Kapasak Parish in Ongino Sub County, and husband to the cheating woman, who was only identified as Grace.

While speaking from sick bed at Kumi Hospital, where he is undergoing intensive treatment, Edongot narrated his unfortunate ordeal as thus:

“My woes began in October last year, when I went to Ongino Market to buy fish and saw Grace selling ‘Ajono’ (local brew) next to the fish stall. I instantly fell for her because she looked so beautiful, so I went over to her and expressed my interest in her. Luckily, she accepted my advances and even told me her Kandahar territory was vacant because there was no whopper docking at it. Since then I have been visiting her, only that I hadn’t got the chance to bonk her because of her busy schedule. This chance however presented itself last Friday, when she invited me to her home that evening for a special yoyo treat.”

Edongot adds that that evening he retired with Grace at about 7:30pm, and carried her to her home on his bicycle.

He says they went into bed and started bonking at 8:30pm.

He however says that after the first round, he was shocked beyond belief, when Emuron flung the door open and charged at him as though he was a wounded Rhino.

He says that Grace fled the house, leaving him to be nabbed by Emuron, who together with two unidentified friends of his tied Edongot’s hands and legs.

Emuron is then said to have reached for a knife, which he used to sever the cheat’s whopper.

Edongot said that his tormentors immediately fled, and he was only saved by Peter Omeri, the councillor, as well as LC2 chairperson of Kapasak parish, who took him to police, before later forwarding him to hospital.

Woman, 27, reveals she has TWO VAGINAS

Woman with two vaginas who had to lose virginity twice

Name:  Hazel Jones
A 27-year-old woman revealed all today about a rare medical condition which means she has TWO vaginas side by side.

Hazel Jones was diagnosed with the “one in a million” condition uterus didelphys when she was 18, after suffering with difficulties from when her periods started at 14.

She had to lose her virginity twice, and also has to have two smear tests, but has decided not to have surgery to correct the condition.

The condition means a woman has two separate uteruses, two vaginas and two cervixes. It happens when a septum which usually breaks down between two tubes that form the uterus does not break down, leaving two uteruses.

Speaking on ITV1’s This Morning, Ms Jones, from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, said nobody realised anything was different about her until her periods started when she was 14.

“That wasn’t fun,” she told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield and doctor Dawn Harper, saying she bled from one side then the other.

“It wasn’t nice. I had friends and I would try and explain to them, ‘I’m having a problem’ but they had no idea what I was doing. They looked even more confused than I did.

“I actually did ask a friend, I said, ‘do you have any problem working out which hole to put them in’ and she thought I was putting it up my bottom’.
“I think I pretty much kept my mouth shut after that for quite a while.”

“If you are not aware that you have got this it can be really uncomfortable, I thought I was having cystitis, I thought I was having urine infections from a young age, when I wasn’t. I was actually tearing the middle septum.”

She was 18 when her first serious boyfriend noticed something was “different”, prompting her to go to hospital where she was diagnosed with the condition.

“They did all the tests and they told me within a couple of hours what it was. But the lady had such a heavy accent I still didn’t understand what she was telling me and I just sat there in the waiting room with these notes going, ‘I have no idea what I have just been told’.

“As soon as I found out what it was I told everybody! I thought it was amazing. It’s definitely an ice-breaker at parties. If women want to have a look, I’m quite happy to show them, it’s not something I’m embarrassed by.”

She will also have to be careful about getting pregnant – she told This Morning she could get pregnant in one then the other which could lead to problems, and also has an increased risk of breech birth and bleeding.

But she has declined surgery to change the situation, saying: “They offered to remove the septum but I refused to have the surgery.

“They have to treat you like they would a post-op transsexual because if you have something removed from an area like that there’s a risk of healing back together. You have to have it separated all the time and it can be very uncomfortable and cause scar tissue.”

Ms Jones is now happy to live with the condition, telling the show: “If I had three wishes it wouldn’t be on the list of things to change.”

She said she now has a long-term partner, and her sex life does not suffer because of the condition.

“I have never entered into a relationship without explaining the difference about me anyway, never had a bad reaction about it either. But so long as they are aware of what it is I have no issues whatsoever, I have a great sex life now.”

And when jokingly reminded by Schofield that her boyfriend has a “choice”, she quipped: “Most of them get one for the rest of their life, my fella has two.”

Christians burnt alive by Sunni Muslims in NIGERIA




Kenya: Criminal Election Fund Raising Exposed

Kenya Sugar Board (KSB) has blown the whistle over illegal importation of sugar offloaded at the port of Mombasa last week out of which the government lost $20 million in taxes.
Immediately the Sugar Board announced the multi-million-dollar illegal importation, parliamentarians from cane growing zones issued a statement in which they accused unnamed political colleagues of colluding with sugar barons to import the commodity and flood the Kenyan market in a bid to raise funds for elections next year.
The parliamentarians called on the government to hold the sugar until the requisite taxes are paid. Sugar industry sources say the sugar was imported from Brazil and Thailand.
However, the sugar has been branded Egyptian produce in order to enter the Kenyan market duty free as a product originating from a fellow Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) country. Sources say the sugar is shipped to Egyptian ports where documents of origin are falsified then trans-shipped to Kenya.
Indeed, Egyptian Sugar Integrated Industries, the state corporation which handles sugar exports from Egypt, confirmed, to the Kenya Sugar Board, that falsified documents were used to show the imports were from there. The matter has been reported to the Egyptian ministry of Trade and more details are awaited from them.
Sources at the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC), in Nairobi say the sugar consignment is just a tip of an iceberg atop a mammoth matrix of criminal election fund-raising involving a wide range of commodities and commercial products. They say Kenyans will also see an increase in illicit trade including drugs and human trafficking.
The KACC director, Patrick Lumumba, is on record as saying cases of corruption shoot up in Kenya every 18 months before the general elections for the purposes of fund raising. Documented cases in the past indicate that besides illegal imports, questionable deals are cut which include tender and contract awards as well as dubious procurements and sales of public assets.
As the clock ticks towards the elections, set for August 2012 by the new constitution, flood gates will open for illegal importation of essential commodities such as sugar, maize, wheat, rice along with other quick-sale electronic products, automobiles and household goods. Most of the importers will try to evade duty and other taxes by hook or crook.
Even without elections, Kenya has been a victim of massive import duty evasion and a favorite destination for contraband and counterfeit goods. Recent crackdown by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has yielded tons upon tons of contraband and counterfeit goods all the way from the port of Mombasa to the remotest of villages in rural Kenya.
With the election approaching, senior KRA officials say they will be on full alert to net unscrupulous racketeers and crack down on import cartels out to make hay while the sun shines. However, efforts by both the KRA and the Anticorruption Commission are greatly hampered by endemic corruption that seems to be always capable of successfully wading through the country’s judicial system without being adequately punished.
As matters stand, corruption has grown into a multi-billion-dollar business in Kenya affecting not only commodity imports but also lucrative contracts in public projects. Corruption affects negatively on the economic life of the country and remains a matter of great concern to not only Kenyans but the international community as well.

Rock The 80’s Afro In Style

A classy and stylish look from the 80’s


The most recognizable aspect of 80’s was the big hair do.

Whether male or female, the hair had to be big and bold, yet natural at the same time.

Hair was never meant to be straight and sleek. A natural wavy style with a slight curl was the look to have.


Go big and bald with the afro.


Bye a hair piece that will give you the afro look..


This look is slowly but making a prominent come back today.

Natural hair is not a must have for an afro look thanks to the different hair pieces you can plait.

However, this look needs extra care for a lasting glow you need a spiral spray. While combing, you need to pat your hair for a uniform look.



Please Don’t drink and drive

Lets not drink and Drive



Sexy Night Nurses Set Guys’ Groins Ablaze

These ones engaged in some gal to gal action..


Doctors and Nurses night. Gates on Friday opened as early as 8.00m. Revelers trickled in in small numbers but by 11.00pm, there was barely breathing space –the house was crowded and on fire.


The gals were dressed in sizzling nurse outfits as they tended to patients… or rather treated horny fellas to mind blowing sights – of flesh! There is not much to this night except an excuse to drink and role play. Party went on till the wee hours of Saturday morning!!!