Halloween craze

Gone are days when Halloween was considered a Western issue. The fact that Ugandans love to identify them selves with modernization, this time round Halloween was taken to another level at Cayenne last Thursday night. By 7pm, the venue was flooded with gals from different walks of life.

You could easily notice how much effort each put to pull off the night with scary masks of Dracula. In the name of looking for money, there strategically stationed face painters that could give you a scary face lift in only five minutes.

Like prom night, revellers had to vote for the best dressed for the night who won a token of 500 hundred thousand shillings. The night ended on a high note with lots dancing and drinking till the next morning.











He reminds us of rip van winkle the killer.


These dudes decided to play dead all night long.

The fact that her face was hidden just spiced up things accompanied with her gorgeous body.

Her black lipstick clearly brought out the night’s definition.



he looked hot with the red horn head gears.

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