Rihanna goes back to her rude girl ways

Rihanna showed off a toned-down look sporting a demure maxi dress, simple make-up and a relaxed hair style – a world away from her usual sexed-up style.

But it didn’t last long and earlier today Rihanna was dressed in a louder than life attire as she took part in a traditional Bajan festival.

The singer climbed aboard a float dressed in a cut away bra top and a pair of tiny red pants flaunting her fabulous figure as she celebrated Kadooment Day

Rihanna was scantily clad in an elaborate carnival outfit as she took part in the Kadmooment Day parade in Barbados.

And while her scarlet locks may have gone the singer donned bright red feathers in her hair which added to the intricate embellishment on her costume.

Rihanna was certainly the star of the show and showed little inhibition as she played up to the crowds on the stage.

At one point in the party an over-eager fan came up behind her as she bent over and the singer happily obliged by dancing with him.

Ri-Ri was also seen blowing kisses to the crowd, supping on a drink and chatted with friends as she partied the day away.

And when the rain started to fall the singer didn’t let the wet weather ruin her mood and took to running in the street and giggling with her pals.

The Grand Kadooment is the official finale celebration of the Crop Over Festival Season and Rihanna was taking part in the parade of Masquerade Bands.

In June it was announced that Rihanna was the official ambassador for her home country of Barbados.



 The partnership was announced June 15, and although it appears she has been taking up her duties earlier today, her role will begin with the Loud Concert in Bridgetown on Friday.

Yesterday the Rated R singer was spotted rocking her natural brown hair on a shopping trip with a group of pals.

Cheers! Rihanna toasts the Barbados Kadoomant Day Parade with a drink among friends

2 Responses to Rihanna goes back to her rude girl ways

  1. raah!! says:

    noma sana!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe

  2. mrblogger says:

    Thanks raah!!

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