Go get that hot babe

If you asked any man, he will confess that he has had a run with hot woman. I’m not talking about space aliens but females who feel they are way too hot for any man. Try to approach them and they will shoot you down with a barrage of negatives, you would think she was carrying an automatic weapon. But the question abounds… Are there women too hot for any man out there? Is it true that some men are able to be such a woman what she wants in a man?

At their core, women are all the same only that their level of attractiveness may vary. So quickly throw out that mambo jambo of “she is too hot.” This is the mistake that many men make; putting an attractive woman on a pedestal like she is made from impeccably exquisite diamonds. The men then run around like porters submitting to her every whim and subsequently making themselves look like nerdy little losers that she is doing a favour.

David De Angelo author of “Duoble Your Dating” says that men act like this because they are afraid the woman might get upset and leave. He reiterates, however, that it is such behaviour that makes it more likely for the woman to leave. So, men dig your heels in and act like a man and not a mouse.

We are all human beings and just as men need women, the reverse is true for women. Even that extremely hot indestructible alpha woman that works in the same office with you desires to have a man in her life. It just may be that she has not found the right man. Too many men are worshippers instead of equals so they mess it all up. Remembering that she needs you just as much as you need her will perk your confidence leading to better results.

Men are intrinsically predisposed to lead, regardless of what society may be filling your ears. If you are dating a hot woman then you need to act like a man. Waiting for her to make all the decisions believing she will feel emancipated and lucky to be dating you is absolute claptrap. A decisive man is perceived as strong and as one who knows where he is heading. If you continually ask her for her opinion on anything and everything regardless of how insignificant it may be then your reading the wrong script. Don’t get it twisted though, you need to treat her with respect and put into consideration whatever she has to say. What she won’t stand is a man who is all mealy mouthed and is happily tagging along with her pretty self as she leads the way.

Believe it or not very attractive women are lonely. Many men are downright afraid of getting rejected by a hot woman and therefore simply ignore her. This is why the not so attractive women are generally happier and have more men on their case because they are approachable.

So, the next time you are tempted to put an attractive woman on a pedestal, just pause and rewind before you swing into action. You may be the only man that has dared to try getting to know her. As shady as this may sound, you may be the one doing her a favour. If she starts acting out and making unnecessary demands then just get up and leave. If she doesn’t come running back to you then shake it off and move on. There way too many women out there looking for love.
So, before you distance yourself from that hot woman, why not walk over and boldly say hello. You may be what she’s been looking for.

3 Responses to Go get that hot babe

  1. Lequack says:

    I’ve read Deangelo’s books, and have most of his programs on dvd- this guy is a beacon of hope for men who are hopeless with women. I’ve used his work, his cocky and funny routine work like a charm. I used it to bag a complete ten and had her eating off my hand. He’s right on every little detail on why men fail to attract men by acting like a lap dog and giving in to their every demand. Trying to win them over with gifts and money potrays that one has no desirable characteristics that the woman would find attractive. Demonstrating high status is important in both attracting women and interacting with other people.

  2. Chizi says:

    Totally agree! Deangelo’s books were a life changer for me, i remember back in the day in uni, i wasn’t getting any in the frequency i desired, but after somaing the books when i malizad uni, i started bangin women likeshyt….wot! mpaka i hadto go back and dela with the ones i used to see as miss hotness in campo…sahii nime deal na wao in the 2 figure numbers 🙂 women are easy to figure out, but the most important thing is to know the sings early when you jua you will not advance you bit the bullet and mve to the next

  3. mrblogger says:

    Thanks Lequack, just to encourage guys who really worship some of this ladies..

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