City Socialites

There are some gals in this city that are permanent fixtures on the party scene. While some of you are looking forward to Friday to let your hair down and put on your dancing shoes, they are just starting another day at ‘work!’ They have the city social agenda and invites to every party or theme night. If they don’t have invites, they gate crash! Their love for parties, alcohol and music is so great that they indulge their insatiable appetites on a daily basis –Monday through Monday.
A night of fast cars, drunk driving, insane parties, cigarettes – they know how to do it all and more. Nothing marks a raging party like their presence.

They hangout in upmarket places.

They are there in clubs even after they are closed!

Party from one corner of the town to another.

We are yet to identify this juicy partier. You will find her at almost all high profile parties and celeb parties.

She will do just about anything when booze hits home.

3 Responses to City Socialites

  1. sly35 says:

    i like this pix

  2. mrblogger says:

    Thanks sly..

  3. mrblogger says:

    Thanks sly

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