Get Lips Every Man Would Crave For


Step one
Prepare and prime the lips by applying a lip conditioner. Wait a few minutes for the product to be absorbed, gently removing any excess product with a tissue.

Step two
Take your concealer and blank out the natural colour of your lips. Set the concealer on your lips using a translucent face powder the lip color bleeding.

Step three
Start at the cupid’s bow, apply lip liner going out towards the corner of the lips. Then follow the natural line of the bottom lip to create an outline for the lip stick.

Step four
Match your lipstick to your liner, and then use a lip brash to fill in the colour, working the inside of the lips out wards. Use a to cotton bud to remove any mistakes.

Step five
Blot the colour using a tissue pursed between your lips, the reapply another layer of lipstick to give you a solid, long lasting color

Step six
If you go for bold red lips, tone down the rest of your makeup. Stick to neutral shades on your eyes so they won’t fight your lips for attention.

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