Nurses And Doctors Nite

Nairobi is a city where anything ‘party’ goes. As such, people in the entertainment business are always hatching up theme nights to give partiers an excuse to go out. The latest craze is the monthly Nurses and Doctors Nite at one of our Club. The gals go for the kill when they select the costumes to wear: the raunchier, the better. Looking at them makes you want to break into Simply Red’s song Night Nurse: “Night Nurse, only you alone can quench this here thirst…  My Night nurse, Oh the pain is getting worse” They are not only hot, but they make you feel like they are your only remedy.

At the sight of her juicy boobs, you would be healed immediately

came dressed simply as a patient – a hot patient!

Damn! Is she hot! or is she HOT!

Just imagine how crowded the hospitals would be if nurses went to work dressed like her!

Now this is one patient every doctor would want to take care off!

2 Responses to Nurses And Doctors Nite

  1. David says:

    Which club is this and when is the next theme night?

  2. Jingahii says:

    This is Uganda’s Club Silk, I attended the last Doctors Night. Mr Blogger You must be a Kenyan living in Uganda like me, many of your stories have a Ugandan angle.

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