Women’s hanging out duds

To say that women are like flowers that add beauty to any hangout could be an understatement. At least in my opinion, they make any hangout lively and fun-at least in my generation’s view of fun. Guys; whether married, single, searching and abstaining cannot talk about any social event and skip the topic of women in attendance. But on the other hand women hold equal powers to spoil an event just as they do in making it lively. A few men highlight the different main ways women disappoint them when they go out partying.

Poor eating and drinking habits
No offence; but a big percentage of women tend to believe in testing something for the first time when out on a date with a man. Some women ask for things on a menu without any knowledge of what the drink or food looks or tastes like. Joccy one lady,said women ask for expensive drinks and eats in a bid to determine the depth of a man’s wallet. He agrees that sometimes women seize the opportunity to test expensive drinks that they cannot afford and out of ignorance.

Stale dancing strokes
Ben, a Disc jockey , posed a very nice question; “Honestly, ladies out there, isn’t there any dance strokes other than wiggling your waists, move down and moving up very fast while pointing your bottoms?”

Whether it’s a Fally Ipupa’s Jukpa hit, LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, Elephant Man’s Sweep or Flavor’s Ashawo, the women simply wiggle their waists up and down. “The only time they change strokes is when they play bend over; and they still do the same, they turn their behinds and shake them,” Ben added.
Over Demanding
Moses, a fellow scribe met a high school girlfriend in Guvnor the other day. During their conversation Moses learnt that Rita didn’t have a car, neither did he. However when it was time to leave, Rita demanded that Moses pays for a cab to take her to Seeta; it was charging Shs 2,000. Moses didn’t have the money but Rita insisted a cab was the only means she could get home. Moses suggested that Rita uses a commuter taxi or a boda boda but Rita was not about to buy any of Moses’ “crap.” To Moses’ shock, Rita walked away in protest and jumped on a boda boda and left.

Make up and perfumes
Lydia, a model does feel our plight as men. “I go out quite often and every single time I pity a man dancing with some chic because of the way she smells,” Lydia said adding there are women who wear cheap perfumes or totally uncoordinated make-up.” And Lydia is not alone, several girls responded in line with most men about makeup and perfumes. Farouk, a city lawyer defined women who don’t use any form of deodorants as “horrible!” “A woman sat next to me during a comedy night in silk and I could barely laugh. I felt like offering her my deodorant but I had parked quite far.” Farouk says he made sure he became friends with the woman whom he refuses to disclose the name; “I sent her a deodorant as my first present to her the next day.”

Dress code
Yes most women try to dress to impress whenever they’re going out, but certainly fall short when it comes to fashion. Farouk, has a problem with women donning on similar dresses; “you wonder if it’s some uniform of sorts.” On the other hand, women have now shifted from dressing skimpily to displaying under garments. “If it’s the trend, God forbid, but it’s quite demeaning!”
Lastly, but not least, was a complaint from Ben, the Dj who called on women to stop abusing leggings. “Women should know which shape deserves to wear leggings without anything. The shape around the hips and sometimes the legs should be critically analyzed before one puts on leggings,” Ben said before adding, “You see a woman in leggings and feel disgusted!”
Bottom line, with a few of these aspects put into serious consideration by all women out there, hanging out with you will always be a dream come true.


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