Go get that hot babe

If you asked any man, he will confess that he has had a run with hot woman. I’m not talking about space aliens but females who feel they are way too hot for any man. Try to approach them and they will shoot you down with a barrage of negatives, you would think she was carrying an automatic weapon. But the question abounds… Are there women too hot for any man out there? Is it true that some men are able to be such a woman what she wants in a man?

At their core, women are all the same only that their level of attractiveness may vary. So quickly throw out that mambo jambo of “she is too hot.” This is the mistake that many men make; putting an attractive woman on a pedestal like she is made from impeccably exquisite diamonds. The men then run around like porters submitting to her every whim and subsequently making themselves look like nerdy little losers that she is doing a favour.

David De Angelo author of “Duoble Your Dating” says that men act like this because they are afraid the woman might get upset and leave. He reiterates, however, that it is such behaviour that makes it more likely for the woman to leave. So, men dig your heels in and act like a man and not a mouse.

We are all human beings and just as men need women, the reverse is true for women. Even that extremely hot indestructible alpha woman that works in the same office with you desires to have a man in her life. It just may be that she has not found the right man. Too many men are worshippers instead of equals so they mess it all up. Remembering that she needs you just as much as you need her will perk your confidence leading to better results.

Men are intrinsically predisposed to lead, regardless of what society may be filling your ears. If you are dating a hot woman then you need to act like a man. Waiting for her to make all the decisions believing she will feel emancipated and lucky to be dating you is absolute claptrap. A decisive man is perceived as strong and as one who knows where he is heading. If you continually ask her for her opinion on anything and everything regardless of how insignificant it may be then your reading the wrong script. Don’t get it twisted though, you need to treat her with respect and put into consideration whatever she has to say. What she won’t stand is a man who is all mealy mouthed and is happily tagging along with her pretty self as she leads the way.

Believe it or not very attractive women are lonely. Many men are downright afraid of getting rejected by a hot woman and therefore simply ignore her. This is why the not so attractive women are generally happier and have more men on their case because they are approachable.

So, the next time you are tempted to put an attractive woman on a pedestal, just pause and rewind before you swing into action. You may be the only man that has dared to try getting to know her. As shady as this may sound, you may be the one doing her a favour. If she starts acting out and making unnecessary demands then just get up and leave. If she doesn’t come running back to you then shake it off and move on. There way too many women out there looking for love.
So, before you distance yourself from that hot woman, why not walk over and boldly say hello. You may be what she’s been looking for.

City Socialites

There are some gals in this city that are permanent fixtures on the party scene. While some of you are looking forward to Friday to let your hair down and put on your dancing shoes, they are just starting another day at ‘work!’ They have the city social agenda and invites to every party or theme night. If they don’t have invites, they gate crash! Their love for parties, alcohol and music is so great that they indulge their insatiable appetites on a daily basis –Monday through Monday.
A night of fast cars, drunk driving, insane parties, cigarettes – they know how to do it all and more. Nothing marks a raging party like their presence.

They hangout in upmarket places.

They are there in clubs even after they are closed!

Party from one corner of the town to another.

We are yet to identify this juicy partier. You will find her at almost all high profile parties and celeb parties.

She will do just about anything when booze hits home.

Amy Winehouse R.I.P

Her father Mitch remembers that when she was a child, Amy Winehouse used to pretend to be choking, or deliberately go missing in London’s Brent Cross shopping centre ‘just to get a laugh out of it’.

‘What she really likes,’ said Mitch, ‘is for people to worry about her.’

And worry about her people did. The past few years have been agonising to watch as the vulnerable singer so publicly played out her descent into a drug and alcohol-ravaged hell.

Amy’s father, Mitch, left, said that Amy enjoyed making other people concerned for her well-being.


The tragic conclusion came on Saturday in the big home she bought with the £10million fortune from her ruined yet spectacular career.

Her father insisted only a few weeks ago that she was a recovering addict and had been clean of drugs for 18 months. What is clear, though, is that this prodigiously talented young woman had been recklessly seeking oblivion for some time.

n recent weeks she had been found several times by bodyguards passed out after frightening binges on vodka. She would drink out at night in the bars near her home in Camden, North London, with a crowd of toadies and hangers-on.
An addiction to alcohol had replaced her previous dependencies on heroin, cocaine and crack.

Even though Amy, who as a teenager was an enthusiastic smoker of marijuana, was warned in late May that she had to stop drinking or it would kill her, she was not able – or willing – to.

At one point this spring she confided in a drinking buddy that she felt that only Blake Fielder-Civil, the grammar school dropout and junkie who was her ex-husband, could ‘save her.

Amy with ex husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who she felt at one time could put her life back on track.

Look Sexy With Just One Leg Forward

There is something about crossed legs that catches a guy’s eye. Whether she is wearing a pair of jeans or a pretty skirt or dress, when a woman crosses her legs people take notice.  Leg crossing does nice things to the shape of a woman’s legs. Depending how a woman sits and crosses their legs the calf muscles can be fully displayed.

Face down; we can only imagine where all eyes are directed at.


Makes you want to be wrapped in between.


Rub a dub; nice, sleek and soupy.

Sexilicious; thighs like these can slap you right in your face.

she looks munchy and ready to bite.


No words for this…….

Bodies That Can Tempt A Monk

It is said that Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It’s sexier than any other body part. Well, these gals below are proving to second that by sex-posing their dangerous curves and tight bodies that we all crave

A pure african body always hits the jack box.


Chicky; some flesh to look at.


Flexibility all the way; A chic who can twist is known to have the most sexiest body of all times.


Hour-glass; a waiste line and protruding hips like these are the center piece to a man’s heart.

Eva Longoria of desperate housewives shows off her perfect bottom

Eva Longoria gave onlookers an eyeful as she stepped out onto a very crowded public beach in a white bikini and a see-through vest.

Currently in Marbella, Spain, on holiday with her boyfriend Eduardo Cruz, the 36-year-old Deperate Housewives actress showed off her perfectly rounded and toned derrière in the extremely skimpy bikini bottoms.

The brunette beauty looked extremely comfortable the two-piece swim suit as she made her way  through the sand and waves.

Eva Longoria gave onlookers an eyeful as she stepped out onto a very crowded public beach in a white bikini and a see-through vest with her boyfriend Eduardo Cruz in Marbella Spain.

The 36-year-old actress’ body is looking remarkably toned.


Eva proudly showed off her perfectly rounded and toned derrière in the extremely skimpy bikini bottoms.


Eduardo watches as his beautiful girlfriend balances herself.


Finally: Eva and Eduardo join friends for some store browsing after a morning on the boat.

Hot Gals Strike A Pose

With no doubt, these sexy gals bring a lot of glamour and sexiness in terms of striking poses that tend to cause mayhem in guys’ pants. That is why in most cases, we hear tendencies of  camera guys breaking their lenses in the name of saving their rioting members. Well, that aside, here are the gals  who make the world a better place in front of the camera.


Getting cheeky; these sexy models get friednly with the camera..


However bubbly, thighs always give one some sleeze in a picture.


Sexy and portable; a pose like this will always give you a score



Robber who was beaten by a lady a black belt holder and kept as a sex slave

A Russian man who tried to rob a hair salon ended up as the victim when the female shop owner overpowered him, tied him up naked and then used him as a sex slave for three days.

Viktor Jasinski, 32, admitted to police that he had gone to the salon in Meshchovsk, Russia, with the intention of robbing it.


But the tables were turned dramatically when he found himself overcome by owner Olga Zajac, 28, who happened to be a black belt in karate.

She allegedly floored the would-be robber with a single kick.

Then, in a scene reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, police say Zajac dragged the semi-conscious Jasinski to a back room of the salon and tied him up with a hair dryer cable.

She allegedly stripped him naked and, for the next three days, used him as a sex slave to ‘teach him a lesson’ – force feeding him Viagra to keep the lesson going.

The would-be robber was eventually released, with Zajak saying he had learned his lesson.

Jasinski went straight to the police and told them of his back-room ordeal, saying that he had been held hostage, handcuffed naked to a radiator, and fed nothing but Viagra.

Both have now been arrested.

When police arrived to question Zahjac, she said: ‘What a bastard. Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1,000 roubles when he left.”

Serena Williams showed off her curves

Letting her sultry outfit do the talking, the 5’9 model wore her cropped blonde hair in a simple half up do’ and wore minimal make-up.

Serena Williams showed off her curves from every angle in a tight pink dress with a plunging neckline..

Good Gals, Big boobs

For those who didn’t know, it is more or less a taboo to bring home a gal with no boobs in some parts of Uganda. apparently, a guy should Endevour to hunt for boobful gals from heaven or earth. Well we guess these booby gals have nothing to worry about because their market is on the rise.

All on the floor; she displays her boobage.

An actress displays juice dripping boobs that left the audience mesmerized

Like on auction this sexy babe displayed her awsome goodies….

Milk me; Tashan’s massive and juicy chest seems to call out for attention…