Drunken women rile men

While drinking a bottle or two of alcohol is acceptable, it vexes a man to see a woman puke because she is dead drunk.

When Dennis met Tina, at a local pub two years ago, it seemed like love at first sight despite the setting. The couple started relating and frequented night spots quite on the regular basis to have a good time. However after nine months, Dennis accused her of drinking herself silly and subjecting herself to danger. During such times when heavily drunk, he had to find a way of carrying her home and he was tired of her irresponsibility. Their relationship is now in jeopardy since she cannot seem to break free from the destructive drinking habit.

The subject of women and the bottle has been a controversial one and in many some societies, women are not even allowed to touch anything alcoholic. However in Africa, they are liberal and women are not forbidden to drink. But some women do take this liberty too far and become raging alcoholics thus straining the relationships they are in. While alcoholism is destructive to both sexes, its effects are further compounded in women due to their natural low tolerance to alcohol and the sexual risks they expose themselves when intoxicated.

Basing on a relational perspective, few men say why they avoid relationships with women who cannot control their drinking habits.

Loose morals
Isaac  a father of two believes that there is a strong link between alcoholic females and loose morals. “At the bar it’s hard to satisfy her drinking urge. She will be approached by many wayward men tempting her by offering to buy her drinks and other financial prospects if she will spend the night with them. In a drunken stupor, many women yield to such advances only to wake up in the morning and get shocked at the dirty disgusting stranger lying next to them.”

Once she gets over this unsettling occurrence, it may become a controlling habit and quite hard for her to break free from. Many men feel that getting hitched to such women is asking for inevitable trouble. No man wants to share his woman with a bunch of drunk strangers.

An expensive habit
Alcohol does not flow in rivers.It needs money to be enjoyed. Hanging out with a couple of friends once in a while may not be so expensive, but if this graduates to full blown alcoholism, then it becomes a very expensive habit. Martin a third year student says that he avoids alcoholic women who drink due to the financial burden they come with. While he won’t mind fronting the bill when out with her, he cannot afford to do the same if she can drink the whole bar dry. He also added that such women may even start stealing from their men in order to finance their drinking.

Destructive lifestyle
Like many addictions, alcoholism interferes with a person’s normal productivity making them reliant on others in the social circles. Richard  a bachelor, says that such women are quite a handful and he avoids them like the plague. ‘Due to her addiction, you will need to mother her and take care of her like you would a five-year-old child.’ He reiterates the need nowadays for women who are responsible and can take care of themselves. Relationships require mutual support from either individuals and if this not forthcoming then many men will quickly look for a quick exit.

Lurking danger
Simon who is engaged says women are generally vulnerable to sexual exploitation especially when drunk. We live in a highly sensual society and many randy men out there are on the prowl looking for easy sex from wherever they can find it. Throw in a woman in a drunken stupor and they will pounce on her; rape her and make a quick getaway. Sordid tales of drunk women being gang raped are common. Men avoid such women who subject themselves to danger all in the name of satisfying drink related addictions. Is she cannot take care of herself then who is supposed to? Such extra baggage is a deal breaker for many men.

As acceptable as it is for women to drink, caution needs to be exercised. If this habit becomes controlling, not only does it become a serious problem, it drastically reduces their chances of getting into a meaningful relationship.

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