Dating a footballer is no longer a shame

I remember a time when a footballer was the last on any ‘hot’ woman’s to date list. Of course David Beckham came and sent their knees melting with the rest of the European guys. They did send our heads spinning in fantasy world. We made exceptions with these boys; after all they were from ‘outside countries’ I mean which woman wouldn’t fall for such a celebrity, fashion magazines and all. You tell me? What? No way would you find this breed of woman falling over herself because of what the boys at our local teams could do in the pitch, let alone the Harambee Stars. I’m guilty as charged, so you can hate on me as well if you wish. But the thing is we had relegated footballer to a “don’t date’ or ‘date in secret’ category.

I recall how shocked a group of friends were once, when one beauty was rumoured to be dating a footballer who has since become a columnist and a Radio sports analyst. For all his handsomeness, he still didn’t sound appealing to share the matters of the heart with. His crime was playing a game that was considered below the standards locally yet ironically football is to die for internationally (read Europe). So we shelled her and called her names and imagined their communication. The main assumption was that being a footballer in Kenya you had to be a “local’’ breed. One of those guys who would have a comprehensive conversation with the ex-minister without portfolio. So clearly, a women like ‘us’ had no business hobnobbing with their likes. Skills on the pitch were not our business of course, as we would find a hard time convincing our friends that you are worth it considering that they would rather die than watch a local football match. But fast forward, I bet any woman would gladly invite any of the stars of the moment into their dreams.

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