Caught Again!!!1

    A pastor has been found deceiving his wife with a policeman’s woman in Kenya. People of the Christian community did offer him no grace, especially because he was preaching in a crusade about adultery. They beat them both, put them naked and forced them to kiss in public…. pictures below.We break one of their legs or any part of the body – it is well known that the police take a bribe and let suspects go.

Did you know that Fornication is illegal in Nigeria? It is against Nigerian law to fornicate, human to human, human to beast. If these guys(below) were Nigerians, they might have received the punishment of their lives. Here are some over-zealous Africans assuming the role of accuser, prosecutor, judge and avenger on the man and woman who committed fornication.

Its unfortunate, but even Jesus Himself did not throw the first stone.

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