Tabasamu Girl ‘Caught’ Pantless

Now fame is one sweet thing…but it becomes poison if you cant handle it well…..

So many celebs have been brought back to earth with ONE moment of silliness…..madness…..stupidity.

And now, one of Kenya’s upcoming actors…a lady who made us warm up to the Tabasamu Show on Citizen TV has let her guard down and caught in a moment of silliness…with..literally, her pants down….with her prized asset immortalised in the lens of a yet to be recognized photographer…..

45 Responses to Tabasamu Girl ‘Caught’ Pantless

  1. mrphares9 says:


  2. tiaff says:

    height of scheewpidity,we saw enough of that and better ones in playboys etc,during teens.shame on you.

  3. complexstar6 says:

    very stupid

  4. anto says:


  5. tondere says:


  6. ur so eden like eve….style up…

  7. mrphares9 says:

    Ha ha ha.. Not tis tym

  8. Sunday Steve says:

    huu ni ufala anatuchomea picha after all that did she get wat she wanted?

  9. fiona says:

    baed stuff!absolutely baed !

  10. Jos F Hacker says:

    No Comment!!!

  11. ahham says:

    Kwenda huko kabisa after kufanya wasee wakumezee mate unado ufala ka hii ,kwenda kabisa.

  12. mkenya says:

    shame on you all, she is just a girl having fun, she din’t leave home to pose nude purposely, infact the one to blame is the camera guy snicking in to her private life.
    why don’t you shameless men & women tell us what you do behind close doors and why you hide if you think what you are doing is right, atleast for her, she did what she felt like in the open.
    have you even though if she was friend, daughter, sister or lover, would you still judge her the same way.
    when one goes wrong, we rectify and not condem, we all make mistakes today its her who knows who it will be tomorrow. only God can jugde us

    • dalton mbote. says:

      mkenya wewe bure kabisa hata mimi ni celeb na kutembea bila suruali alafu unapanua miguu ovyo ni makosa yu don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know that kubaff.

    • dalton mbote. says:

      mkenya wewe bure kabisa hata mimi ni celeb na kutembea bila suruali alafu unapanua miguu ovyo ni makosa yu don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know that kubaff wewe.

    • Bob says:

      Yap u said it, things that we do behind closed doors nt in an open function. How tha fuck can a bitch expose her pussy in public then u call it private life. Its her private life not to put on panties bt it is a public concern when she shows her worn out pussy in public.

    • tatiana says:

      you are very right Mkenya i totally agree with you,she didn’t do that on purpose and that camera man did he/she get whatever they wanted?? … i guess not
      They just wanted to ruin the poor girl’s life … by he/she doing that doesn’t mean that all her efforts will go down the drain…
      Shame on that person snicking and messing on other people’s lives… kwani u have nothing better to do???????

    • joyce says:

      yes only God can judge but she forgot to wear her nickers?

  13. No quiz but we are truly on end times!

  14. sly35 says:

    Hiyo noi imechapa sana

  15. Dougan says:

    I have absolutely NO complaints… over here in California. Nice! 😉

  16. we can not tell you what we do behind closed doors cos were it so we would have not closed the door! all we are saying is every good thing like food must be covered for any damage i.e every bowl with food inside must be covered for it not to dusted and its only opened when its being served OK!

  17. kings says:

    nkt pwahahahahaha she can afford the expensive 4n na hawezi afford suruali.ladies if this is what u do i better remain single for da rest of ma lyfe

  18. bomu says:

    hiyo ngingi inaonenaka ni tam sana

  19. hehehehe kumbe rita ana nyap sura mbaya ivo

  20. Antony says:

    You should be advertising condoms and viagra but not brookside products.

  21. robaaa says:

    look bigger hiiiiiiiiii kumbwa sana

  22. pew says:

    Shame or no shame, we have forgotten God – All of us I mean plus the camera men. Why target the area. Were yu insane?
    For this celebrity……thats the end of your sorry,. Turn to God and preach just like yu acted.

  23. Ahmed says:

    Nice pick

  24. tatiana says:

    whoever took that photo is a hypocrite who has nothing better to do just snicking into other people’s lives,what did he/she get in the end … i guessed as much totally nothing!!!
    Jamani wenzangu tuacheni umbea..mbona wivu jamani??
    hampendi kuona mwenzenu ameendelea…

    • joyce says:

      kama hii ndio kwendelea wacha ikae madan T.

  25. kimo says:

    Ngai fa fa! what were you thinking leaving the house without your pants on. This is absolutely wrong. SHAME ON YOU BIG AND SHAME ON YOU AGAIN.

  26. Allan says:


  27. Kamalla says:

    They call it fashion,style”kuchanuka”,modernization but i say this is sheer nonsence.This is lack of the right moral character for an icon that she is.A celebrity who is insensitive of discency should not e a role model.She is mannerless,indiscent,ignprant and above all morally corupt.She should be in k street where such things are freely done……..pathetic!!!

  28. frikalture says:

    Pole kwake it was just a bad day for her,i mean labda aliamka na mguu mbaya

  29. Muty says:

    Very big pussiy I have seen it with my diesed cow

  30. Sammy says:

    Huyo mrebo alikuwa na ufala, alikuwa anafikilia ni yeye tu ako na kibwenye.Hata nikama hiyo samo ilikuwa kubwa sana.

  31. kara says:

    style up gal

  32. dizy says:

    hahahaha wow celebs in public with no pants W.T.F ,i mean seriously? get a life girl.!!!

  33. peter says:

    Nice staff

  34. says:

    if i was near that smelly pussy,i would have cut those big majolla kama za punda.

  35. Mount kenya says:

    she is a great lady.In Spain they do that all the time even in buses.Our own Mutula Kilonzo will tell you that the days of the MUKURINU lady are behind us.Let todays Woman open her shop wherever the customers seem ready to peep.Check the men around her,they all seem ready to take the challenge.

  36. Jek Makoma says:


  37. felix otieno says:


  38. naomi says:

    Rita it’s not the end of the world,take heart n remember no one is without sin but people stop acting innocent

  39. tett says:

    suprised that this image is still on the net

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