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Giggs affair, with his brother’s wife

Giggs, Manchester United star slept with Natasha(below)  his brother’s wife even the day after his daughter was born.

Ryan Giggs was accused yesterday of an eight-year affair with his brother’s wife as the fall-out from his ill-fated gagging order became ever more damaging.

The Manchester United star, formerly regarded as the model professional and committed family man, found his reputation further sullied by tawdry details of the relationship with his 28-year-old sister-in-law Natasha.

He had been cheating on his wife Stacey with her before she began dating his younger brother Rhodri, a Sunday newspaper claimed.

It said Giggs slept with Natasha the day after his eight-year-old daughter was born, and again the day after the arrival of his four-year-old son. The affair was alleged to have continued until April 9.

To underline 37-year-old Giggs’s folly in taking out his notorious injunction over an alleged fling with former Big Brother housemate Imogen Thomas, his sister-in-law said it was this which spurred her to break her silence.

‘When I found out he was cheating with Imogen too, I was really hurt,’ she told the News of the World through a ‘friend’.

‘I know that sounds really strange, but he wasn’t just cheating on Stacey, he was cheating on me too. Our relationship was just about sex to him.’

Rhodri, 33 – a failed professional footballer who served a prison sentence for attacking a fan with a bottle – was yesterday said to be furious at the astonishing betrayal by both his brother and his wife.

Estate agent Natasha was  pictured at a petrol station before apparently heading abroad with her two young children – after insisting that her account was ‘100 per cent accurate’.

She said she was a single mother when she met Giggs at a Manchester bar in March 2003 while Stacey – then his fiancée – was pregnant with their first child. The pair enjoyed a brief fling but after they broke it off she began seeing Rhodri, who had joined them on a night out, the paper said.

That did not stop Giggs secretly resuming their relationship the following year, it alleged, and even when she became engaged to Rhodri in 2005 and was expecting his child, he continued demanding to see her.

Natasha gave birth in August 2006 and Stacey had her son two months later, but the affair was quickly rekindled, it was claimed. ‘The day after his son was born we met up and had sex,’ the paper quoted Natasha as saying through her friend. ‘Stacey was still in hospital.’

Despite rumours among their friends about the affair, and near-misses when the pair’s respective partners became suspicious of messages on their mobile phones, the couple continued their liaisons.

The paper said a falling-out between the brothers over Giggs supposedly flirting with one of Natasha’s friends meant he pulled out of being best man at her wedding to Rhodri in Las Vegas last summer.

He also failed to turn up at a celebration party in Manchester – instead, fatefully, attending a friend’s birthday event in London where he met Imogen Thomas.

Shortly after his last tryst with Natasha, rumours began to circulate that he was the mystery footballer who had taken out an injunction forbidding discussion of his affair with Miss Thomas.

Natasha texted him to ask if this was true. He reportedly insisted: ‘No way. It’s not me

Their affair began, perhaps inevitably, at a London club one night last September.

‘We hit it off straight away because we had so much in common,’ gushed Imogen Thomas in a breathless interview with a Sunday tabloid a little over a month ago.

It was a ‘kiss and tell’ account – with a twist, of course.

The married football star lover who she claims took her back to his hotel, called her the following day to check she had arrived home safely, and subsequently pursued her with a stream of flirty texts, was not named in the expose spread over two salacious pages.

By then, the ‘football star’ in question had already won a gagging order to stop details of their seven-month liaison becoming public. With good reason, it turns out.

For we now know that the man with whom she shared a bed – often, according to her, on the night before matches – was none other than Ryan Giggs, the (married) Manchester United legend, former BBC Sports Personality of the Year, one of the few Premier League players with a  reputation to protect; the antithesis, supposedly, of such ‘Red Top’ favourites as John Terry, Ashley Cole, Wayne Rooney and too many others to mention.

Giggs, a father of two, was supposed to be different. Indeed, the Giggs brand – worth £24million in sponsorships – was underpinned by his ‘clean cut, family man’ image.

This was the man who loved to parade his children at football matches. He has been the model professional. He joined Manchester United as a boy, making his first team debut at 17. He has won a record 12 Premier League titles – with the same club – making him Britain’s most successful footballer.

Nothing could have prepared me for the limelight I was thrust into at 17,’ he once said. ‘I was in newspapers, magazines, on TV, and everyone in the street knew me. It was strange for me and I dealt with it by trying not to create a fuss. I have just tried to keep it that way ever since…football is my bread and butter. It has to, and always will, come first.’

But his life on the pitch, it now emerges, was at odds with his private life. His decision to obtain an injunction has cost in the region of at least £150,000 – not an insignificant sum even for a  multi-millionaire footballer.

He is alleged to have recognised Miss Thomas as the pneumatic contestant from Big Brother as soon as they met. But Miss Thomas was much more than that.

She had posed topless for lads’ magazines, recorded a sex tape with a previous DJ boyfriend which leaked on to the internet, and had already dated Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe and comedian Russell Brand; a track record which only adds to Giggs’s embarrassment and personal humiliation.

Should we be really surprised though? Apart from anything else, his father, ex-rugby league star Danny Wilson, was a womaniser who split up from Ryan’s mother when he was still a boy; his father’s career was curtailed by heavy drinking and crime, including a six-month jail stretch for attacking a police officer.

The young Ryan disowned him and adopted his mother’s surname. But might he have inherited at least one of his father’s character flaws?

The current scandal began to unfold on April 14 when the Sun newspaper published an article under the headline: ‘Footie Star’s Affair with Big Bro Imogen.’

The first paragraph read: ‘A Premier League star last night gagged The Sun after we found him romping with busty Big Brother babe Imogen Thomas behind his wife’s back.’

Who could have guessed then that the article would have such far reaching consequences and provoke one of the biggest communal acts of civil disobedience in modern times?

The following morning, the Sun reported how she was struggling to cope after being exposed as the ‘mistress of a married footballer hiding behind a court gagging order’. She was spotted near her London home weeping before holding her head in her hands and crumpling to the pavement.

Imogen Thomas broke down in tears on This Morning while talking about her relationship with Giggs.

One friend of brunette Miss Thomas, 28, was quoted as saying: ‘He [Giggs] told her she was the love of his life. She said she was in love with him and he was in love with her. It wasn’t purely built on sex. She thought it went much deeper. Imogen was lovestruck.’

Imogen Thomas was many things, but she was certainly no victim.

Playing away: Big Brother beauty Imogen Thomas also enjoyed an affair with Giggs

At a subsequent hearing in the High Court in London, the judge who granted the injunction gave his reasons for doing so.

It was claimed Miss Thomas was blackmailing Giggs.

According to the footballer’s statement he and Miss Thomas ‘met four times between September and December last year’.

She then contacted him by text in March, which led him to conclude she was thinking of selling her story.

She allegedly told him ‘she wanted’, or ‘needed’, a payment from him of £50,000. Giggs agreed to meet her in a hotel where he was staying last month. There, he claimed he gave her a signed football shirt, but said he was not prepared to give her £50,000. She asked to see him again shortly afterwards, to which ‘he agreed with reluctance’ and provided her with some football ticket.

Would you pay Sh1 million for a wife?

Ms Rita Muchiri wants to get married. And like many women, she has set standards for the kind of man she hopes to settle down with.

He should be tall, brown, financially stable, well-educated, and responsible.

And although she would not mind walking down the aisle with a man who lacks one or two of the above, her main concern is the bride price.

For a man to marry her, he should be ready to pay not less than Sh1 million worth of bride price to her parents.

“Marriage is not just about a woman moving from her parents’ home to the groom’s place. It is more than that. He has to pay my bride price. But the amount differs from woman to woman depending on the family, her success in life, and most important, her level of education,” she told Money.

The 25-year-old legal professional believes that an educated woman who is working and earning a decent income is worth more in terms of bride price because she is an investment to a man.

“In my case, when I get married, I won’t just go to my man’s house and sit down. I will contribute and pay part of the bills. The Sh1 million is just for him to say ‘thanks’ to my parents,” she justifies.

Ms Muchiri says about Sh1.2 million has been spent on her education, beginning from primary, secondary, and university. She is currently pursuing a masters’ degree in law and economy.

“A woman is priceless. You cannot quantify her worth. But if she is educated, independent, and moneyed, it means that she is worth more when it comes to dowry.”

Ms Muchiri is not alone. Some modern women are now influencing their parents when it comes to deciding what their suitors should pay for bride price.

Ms Joyce Kairu, a businesswoman in Nairobi, saw her suitor turned down by her parents because he was unable to raise the bride price they wanted.

“I agreed with my parents that he should pay Sh500,000.

“And although it was open to negotiation, he could only raise Sh120,000, which made me and my parents think that he was not serious about our marriage.

“I loved him, but he had to go because bride price is important and he should pay it to show his commitment to me,” she explains.

Many young bachelors, caught between higher education and increasing inflation, are growing increasingly unhappy at the high bride price, which some equate to “buying” their bride from her parents.

Daniel, a 32-year-old graphic designer in Nairobi, says he is still single because he was not able to raise the Sh700,000 the parents of his former girlfriend demanded.

“Bride price is acceptable as long as it is reasonable and should be in moderation. It should be a token of appreciation and not a price tag since you cannot put a price on a human being. Anything more than Sh100,000 is too high. That mindset that educated women cost more in terms of dowry should change,” he says.

In recent years, bride price has climbed to unprecedented levels, to the point where many young men can no longer afford to marry. The result, say observers, is that girls either remain single or get married to older and richer men instead.

Unlike in the past where dowry, mainly in the form of cows, goats, or sheep, was seen as a stabilising factor in marriage, the rapid increase of education and urbanisation has made it obsolete.

Most young people, frustrated and defeated by excessive bride price demands, choose to elope and live together without the benefit of a marriage.

For such couples and others who cannot marry because of the excessive demands, marriage in modern Kenya is rapidly becoming an economic relationship in which the choice of a wife depends on the man’s ability to pay rather than mutual respect and love between a man and a woman.

They are concerned that only rich suitors will be able to get wives. Many a young, struggling single man has a lot to worry about.

He has to demonstrate to his girlfriend’s parents that he has the ability to care for her by his intelligence, diligence, and success in making the most of the opportunities that come his way. This will be in the form of true wealth to pay the expensive dowry that they demand.

“In modern society, paying bride price is evidence that the man is serious about his intentions to make the marriage stable. It also demonstrates that the husband-to-be is capable of caring for and supporting a wife.

“It also makes the bride feel that she is worth “something” and that her husband considers her valuable. It is a modern proof of love. So a man who wants to marry a modern woman should be prepared to demonstrate his love with his wallet,” says Mr Oyunga Pala, an anthropologist based in Nairobi.

And as bride price soars, haggling and bargaining have found their way into the negotiations. This ideology of putting money first, according to some women’s rights activists, is destroying the love and respect that ought to characterise future relationships between the families of the couple. They add that it also contributes to abuse of women by rich men.

“The modern dowry process encourages wealthy husbands to treat their wives any way they wish because they have ‘paid’ for them. It also makes the woman to consider herself virtually a slave to such a husband.

“Many parents do not encourage their daughters in such marriages to resist injustice because they fear that they may be asked to return the bride price.

“In other words, the dowry system contributes to the degradation of women in society,” says Mrs Michelina Lengewa, a women’s rights activist in Maralal.

Some people believe that bride price is the ultimate symbol of marriage. Whether it is money, a house, or a couple of cows, a man has to prove his worth in one way or another to both the woman and her family.

But observers say that in the modern world, marriage is becoming a means of wealth accumulation due to the monetisation of the dowry.

In 2009, a research commissioned by wedding services company Samantha’s Bridal, found that wealthy Kenyans are spending up to Sh40 billion ($534 million) a year on weddings, making the business one of the few growth sectors in the current difficult economic environment.


Why do I keep falling for the wrong men?” my friend, I will call her Frida, moaned the other weekend.

We all looked at each other, and rolled our eyes. We had heard this question before, and since we have known each other for years, we were familiar with the kind of man that Frida tended to gravitate towards — the bad boy type.

He was rude, lived dangerously, and was selfish to the core. In college, Frida had one that seemed to get a kick out of getting into fights.

I must say that the boy was good with his fists, and in all the fights I witnessed him in, he was the last man standing.

I remember telling Frida that he was bad news, but the girl was besotted, and retorted that at least he was the kind of man who could protect her, even if it was with his fists.

A few months into the relationship, he punched her in the face for “looking” at one of his friends. It took a broken nose for Frida to admit that he wasn’t right for her.

Fast track to a year or two later, she began to date another disaster in waiting. He drank too much, and when he did, he drove too fast.

As was bound to happen, one day, in a drunken daze, he rammed his car into another. Frida had been in the car with him but, luckily, neither of them was seriously hurt.

Shaken to the core, Frida walked away from the relationship. When we met her most recent boyfriend about five months ago, yet again, our antennas went up. I recall one of us commenting, “What’s with all the bling?”

The man wore a chunky chain around his neck, and several rings on his fingers and ogled at every woman who passed by our table.

But Frida, hopelessly in love, seemed blind to the danger signs popping up around him. It turned out that the man, who kept a bachelor pad to convince his conquests that he really was who he said he was, was married, and even had children.

Now, Frida, obviously growing weary of relationships that kept disappointing her, wanted to know why she kept getting the wrong men.

A few years ago, one of us introduced Frida to a cousin of hers, hoping that something meaningful would come out of the relationship.

After the second date, Frida announced that the relationship couldn’t work out, because our friend’s cousin was “boring”.

I asked around, and in the books of women who tend to fall for the bad boy type, boring refers to a ‘safe’ man — a man with no drama in his life — so to speak.

A man who steers away from controversy, a man who would rather walk away than exchange blows. You’ll never find this man surrounded by a crowd, hanging onto every word he says.

He’s certainly not the life of a party, and is content to stay that way. He calls when he says he’ll call, he respects your friends, and your mother would like him.

Because of his laid-back temperament he’s probably the kind of man who will make a good father, the kind of man who, even if he’ll not change a diaper, will have no qualms about rolling up his sleeves, getting on his knees and playing with his child.

Unfortunately, as twisted as it sounds, this man, the “nice” man, doesn’t give women like Frida an adrenalin rush, and so they keep drawing the bad boys to themselves, like moths to a light bulb.

They know that they’ll get hurt eventually, but they keep seeking them out.

Drunken women rile men

While drinking a bottle or two of alcohol is acceptable, it vexes a man to see a woman puke because she is dead drunk.

When Dennis met Tina, at a local pub two years ago, it seemed like love at first sight despite the setting. The couple started relating and frequented night spots quite on the regular basis to have a good time. However after nine months, Dennis accused her of drinking herself silly and subjecting herself to danger. During such times when heavily drunk, he had to find a way of carrying her home and he was tired of her irresponsibility. Their relationship is now in jeopardy since she cannot seem to break free from the destructive drinking habit.

The subject of women and the bottle has been a controversial one and in many some societies, women are not even allowed to touch anything alcoholic. However in Africa, they are liberal and women are not forbidden to drink. But some women do take this liberty too far and become raging alcoholics thus straining the relationships they are in. While alcoholism is destructive to both sexes, its effects are further compounded in women due to their natural low tolerance to alcohol and the sexual risks they expose themselves when intoxicated.

Basing on a relational perspective, few men say why they avoid relationships with women who cannot control their drinking habits.

Loose morals
Isaac  a father of two believes that there is a strong link between alcoholic females and loose morals. “At the bar it’s hard to satisfy her drinking urge. She will be approached by many wayward men tempting her by offering to buy her drinks and other financial prospects if she will spend the night with them. In a drunken stupor, many women yield to such advances only to wake up in the morning and get shocked at the dirty disgusting stranger lying next to them.”

Once she gets over this unsettling occurrence, it may become a controlling habit and quite hard for her to break free from. Many men feel that getting hitched to such women is asking for inevitable trouble. No man wants to share his woman with a bunch of drunk strangers.

An expensive habit
Alcohol does not flow in rivers.It needs money to be enjoyed. Hanging out with a couple of friends once in a while may not be so expensive, but if this graduates to full blown alcoholism, then it becomes a very expensive habit. Martin a third year student says that he avoids alcoholic women who drink due to the financial burden they come with. While he won’t mind fronting the bill when out with her, he cannot afford to do the same if she can drink the whole bar dry. He also added that such women may even start stealing from their men in order to finance their drinking.

Destructive lifestyle
Like many addictions, alcoholism interferes with a person’s normal productivity making them reliant on others in the social circles. Richard  a bachelor, says that such women are quite a handful and he avoids them like the plague. ‘Due to her addiction, you will need to mother her and take care of her like you would a five-year-old child.’ He reiterates the need nowadays for women who are responsible and can take care of themselves. Relationships require mutual support from either individuals and if this not forthcoming then many men will quickly look for a quick exit.

Lurking danger
Simon who is engaged says women are generally vulnerable to sexual exploitation especially when drunk. We live in a highly sensual society and many randy men out there are on the prowl looking for easy sex from wherever they can find it. Throw in a woman in a drunken stupor and they will pounce on her; rape her and make a quick getaway. Sordid tales of drunk women being gang raped are common. Men avoid such women who subject themselves to danger all in the name of satisfying drink related addictions. Is she cannot take care of herself then who is supposed to? Such extra baggage is a deal breaker for many men.

As acceptable as it is for women to drink, caution needs to be exercised. If this habit becomes controlling, not only does it become a serious problem, it drastically reduces their chances of getting into a meaningful relationship.

Facebook pranks

Police have issued warnings of the dangers of planking but the publicity on Facebook only seemed to fuel the fad.

BRISBANE, Australia A new craze sweeping the Internet known as “planking” claimed a life in Australia Sunday and police fear the tragedy may not be the last. Planking involves someone lying flat on their stomach with their arms against their bodies in unusual and sometimes dangerous situations, with photographs of their exploits shared through social media sites. It has gone viral in recent weeks with Facebook page Planking Australia boasting over 55,000 fans and hundreds of photos of people lying on train tracks, escalators, fire hydrants, motorbikes and other objects. Police last week warned “plankers” of the dangers and their fears have been realised with the death of a man in Brisbane who plummeted from a seventh-storey balcony and died at the scene.

“This morning we have seen a young man take this activity a step further and attempt to plank on a balcony. Unfortunately he has tragically fallen to his death,” Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett said. The man, who has not been named, and another person had been out during the night and were planking in various locations on their way home. “It is what we’ve been fearing,” added Barnett, but could not say whether it was Australia’s first death from the craze. Barnett said he was worried that more injuries would occur as people try to out-do each other by planking in increasingly precarious positions to get the ultimate photo. “Police fear that as planking gains popularity there may be more injuries and potentially further deaths,” he said, adding that it may appear to be light-hearted fun but can quickly turn to tragedy. “Accepting a risk of injury for yourself is one thing, but the potential is there for others to be injured as a result of your behaviour.” Last week, a 20-year-old, also in Queensland state, was arrested after being allegedly found “planking” on a police car. He was charged with being on police equipment without lawful excuse. Police issued warnings of the dangers at the time but the publicity only seemed to fuel the fad. “If other people break the law during this activity they will be charged as well,” warned Barnett. “But no penalty will ever return this young man to his family and friends. This is a tragedy and our condolences go to the family.” Facebook tributes immediately started pouring in for the dead man. “R.I.P Fellow planker,” said one posting on the Australian Planking page. “I didn’t know him, but he was a planker like the rest of us.”

Mariga Engagement To Ariane


Mariga is now engaged to his long term gal Ariane  on 12th June 2011… happened at the Sankara hotel,westlands . in a dinner with his friends a family. Wedding dates have not been confirmed yet.

Ariane facebook status on 13th june:
‎”White gold,yellow gold n diamond all in one….that was the best surprise in my life.

Filipino Junrey Balawing named world’s shortest manFilipino Junrey Balawing named world’s shortest man

Filipino Junrey Balawing, who unofficially measures 61cm, poses at a health centre in Sindangan, in the southern Philippines on June 11, 2011. Junrey, who turns 18 on June 12, is due to be measured by the Guinness Book of World’s Records when he becomes eligible to be considered the world’s shortest living man.










Didier Drogba marries fiancée Lala Diakite in MonacoDidier Drogba marries fiancée Lala Diakite in Monaco

The Chelsea striker will officially get married to his long-time fiancée and mother of his three children this weekend in a ceremony that will be attended by Roman Abramovich



Chelsea hitman Didier Drogba will be wedding long-time fiancée Lala Diakite today in Monaco, France before some 500 guests drawn from the world of sportand show business.

The ceremonies, to be chaired by Chelsea owner Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, will last until Monday June 13, according to organisers.

Cameroonian football star Samuel Eto’o, Senegalese singer Youssour N’Dour, American R&B singer Akon and a crop of NBA stars have confirmed their attendance.

The marriage will be officiated at the Marie de Monaco to be followed by festivities at Monte-Carlo Bay – a popular seaside hotel in the Principality.

Drogba’s team-mates Salomon Kalou and Florent Malouda will be part of the groom’s men.

Drogba and his Malian wife-to-be Lala met in France while the player was beginning his career. They have three children.

Charity in Protest

Iron, like a lion in………………